Listen to KROCK with Alexa

These super cool advances in technology (smart speakers) now allow us to tell a speaker on demand to FART… it’s funny, but you can now also listen to KROCK too – wherever you keep your Alexa, in the bathroom, the bedroom, the garage etc!

What is an Alexa SKILL?

  • As a smart speaker, Amazon’s voice is called “Alexa” – she’s featured on a variety of Amazon devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show, etc)
  • Each of these smart speakers have the ability to have “skills”. Just like your phone has “apps”, Alexa has “skills”.
  • And yes, skills are free

How do I listen to KROCK’s custom Alexa skill?

  • You will only do this once, it’s like downloading an app…
    • Say: “Alexa, enable KROCK Syracuse skill” or “Alexa, enable KROCK Utica skill”
  • To listen to KROCK thereafter…
    • Say “Alexa, open KROCK Syracuse” or “Alexa, open KROCK Utica”

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