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September 22, 2023

No recaps on Fridays! But we do recap a lot of the awards lunch from yesterday! Happy Frideeeeee! ...


September 21, 2023

I don't know if anyone reads these recaps, but it's Josh. I'm just getting today's show up following a 2 hour awards lunch, one kid's soccer game & the other kid's open house. I don't remember a minute of today's show. So just listen. K ...


September 20, 2023

What's the line when it comes to edible birds? Pigeons? Water tastes too much like water. New Monday Night Football song? Bills fan climbs in a porta potty & so much more on a Wednesdee! ...


September 19, 2023

Josh got his vaccines, but he's not sure which ones. Wayne talks trains! The Top 5 TV gameshows & so much more on a Tuesdee! ...


September 18, 2023

A busy fall weekend for Josh & Cody is 55% pickle juice. Wayne recaps Canine Carnival. We talk with Chef Jeff. Chris Brown of the Buffalo Bills radio network joins us & more on a Mondee! ...


September 16, 2023

No time for recaps on Fridays. But click play & enjoy the stupidity! ...

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…The Sound & The Fury As It Happened September 17, 2023…

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                                                                             ….1 AM….

                                                                             ….2 AM….

                                                                            …..3 AM….

                                                                            …..4 AM….

                                                                             ….5 AM….



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