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July 18, 2024

Now it's official- Rome got an EF-2 tornado. Maybe all these tornados are being caused by these roundabouts going up everywhere! Public comment at Town Hall meetings create gold sometimes. The boys scour Monster.com like its the 90's. And s ...


July 17, 2024

Another round of nasty weather comes through CNY & our friends in Rome & Canastota are hit the worst. Another meath theft?! More discussion about sugary drinks. The band Paper Rabbit performs in studio! And so much more on a Wednesd ...


July 16, 2024

A soda that should probably be illegal. A couple of Arby's employee were stealing the meats. Is your dog well behaved or naughty? We get ready for the Nationals and so much more on a Tuesdee! ...


July 16, 2024

Cody gets in a little bit of a dust up at this weekend's wrestling event. A skating party turns bad. New fast food items this month. A busy couple of weeks ahead & so much more on a Mondee! ...


July 14, 2024

No recaps on a Friday, but good to know Cody has a place to stay in a pinch. ...


July 11, 2024

Another summer, another dude passing out on a beach flot and waking up in the middle of the ocean. Couple of ladies pull a 'Weekend at Bernies.' Ellen is leaving show biz & no one cares. Plus so much more on today's show! ...

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…The Sound & The Fury As It Happened July 14, 2024…

…The Sound & The Fury w/JRRBLL Was LIVE On the Air Last Saturday Night & Now is FREE On Demand!!…The Whole Show As It Happened, In THIRTY Minute Increments…We sent The Dragon of the North some Traveling Music at One AM & a Tribute to Big Joe Babalooch RIP at Two-Thirty Right After Buckethead…The Playlist for the Current Show is here: https://krock.com/the-sound-and-the-fury-playlist/ …All Commercials Removed for this edition, so Fifty Three Minute Music Hours for this Edition…Just imagine a Night FULL of Classic & Fresh Minted Progressive Loud Rock Tunage presented in a Truly Free Form Manner w/A Minimum of Interruptions…LIVE as it Happened ~ As The Mood Struck…The Buckethead List is now at Pike 306!!…In Reality, Programmed Satellite or Commercial Terrestrial Radio Has NOTHING Like This!…You Missed It?…Tuned In Late?…So You Say You Sometimes Can’t make it Through the Night?…Out Of Town?…Bad Reception or the Internet Down Where You Live?…Want To Hear It All Again?…Or Just Part Of It?…Here Is The Answer For All Those Questions & More…FREE Access To The Whole Show without Staying Up All Night!!!….The Playlist for the Current Show is here: https://krock.com/the-sound-and-the-fury-playlist/ …New Show Posted Every Sunday or Monday, When We Take The Previous One Down…Enjoy!!..



                                                                             ….1 AM…..

                                                                             …..2 AM…..

                                                                            ……3 AM….

                                                                            …..4 AM…… 

                                                                             ……5 AM…..                                           

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