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May 7, 2021

It's a Friday, so we'll knock this out quick! We celebrate the Legend of Daddy. How to trick fellow birds. Push Pup Cunnilingus & so much more! ...


May 5, 2021

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! Bill Gates is getting divorced. Cody goes pee in lakes in a very strange way. Top sitcoms according to an old dude. San Miguel brings in margs & so much more! ...


May 4, 2021

It's like Josh is living in olden times with his cable out last night. Action movies are so damn good. Are cryptobros the new gym selfies? Plus, your Tuesdee Topic celebrates teachers and lots more on today's show! ...


May 3, 2021

If Josh is still sleeping, you have to tell him. Coco wins some money on the ponies. Dude gets fired after getting a station logo tattooed on him. Plus, Josh's mom has a creepy story. Jason Klug is on the line and so much more on a Mondee s ...


April 30, 2021

Josh is officially a pierogi master now. A creepy story from Hulk Hogan. Recapping some of the first night of the NFL Draft. A kid graduates college & we really don't think children should have grown-up jobs. Plus so much more on a Frid ...


April 29, 2021

A possible update from the Delphi murders as a suspect appears to be captured. How dare you, Wendy's, giving Strawberry Frosty's to Canada first. It's gotta be hard to live in Josh's shadow. The guys find some big cinnamon buns. Rosa talks ...

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The Sound & The Fury As It Happened, May 9, 2021

…Last Saturday Night, The Sound & The Fury w/JRRBLL Was once again LIVE On the Air…This week we Welcomed our Thirty Sixth Mothers Day on the air Among other things In a Night Full of Tunage ~ Including the Only Repeat of Buckethead Material…You Missed It?…So You Say You Just Can’t make it Through the Night?…Here’s The Whole Show without Staying Up All Night!!!….Tuned In Late?…Out Of Town?….Bad Reception or the Internet Down Where You Live?…Just Want To Hear It All Again?…Or Just Part Of It?…Here Is The Answer For All Those Questions & More…In Fifteen Minute Increments, The Whole Show As It Happened…The Playlist for the Current Show is here: http://krock.com/the-sound-and-the-fury-playlist/ …This Current Show is Available Anytime, w/a New Show Posted Every Sunday or Monday, When We Take The Previous One Down…Enjoy!…


                                                                         …..1 AM…..

                                                                          …..2 AM…..

                                                                            …..3 AM…

                                                                            …..4 AM…..

                                                                            ……5 AM…..

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Episode 53 Part 2: Food For Thought

In Part 2 of Episode 53 Griffin brings Ed Ten Eyck back in to talk food and nutrition.  They get specific with keto, caffeine, stevia, “eating the rainbow”, running nutrition, accountability and more!

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