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September 16, 2021

The Foo Fighters almost didn't make it last night. Cody gets a Covid test. Josh is a hack & we have animals in the studio! ...


September 15, 2021

We remember legendary comedian Norm Macdonald. Josh is wearing pants & not thrilled about it. Cody's family only has one spoon & so much more on today's show. ...


September 14, 2021

Josh downloads NBA 2K22, so add it to his gaming obsessions. Cruella is a damn good movie. Josh is in to... salads? Tuesdee Topic asks what is something you don't understand at all. Plus, 'Going Green' with Jake & so much more on today' ...


September 13, 2021

Lots of football to unpack. Cody hits up the Dome and loved the new experience. Josh hooks up a new TV and spends all his monies. The Thruway is changing a bunch of rest stops. Plus, Jason Klug stops by & much more on a Mondee show! ...


September 10, 2021

The boys are ready to go salm'on fishing. Plus, we have a lot of special guests on today's big show! ...


September 9, 2021

Mick Foley has something to say about the current state of WWE. Derek Jeter is inducted in to the H.O.F. The boys wanna invent a new flavor. John Wildhack talks Cuse opener & so much more on today's show! ...

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The Sound & The Fury As It Happened, September 12, 2021

The Sound & The Fury w/JRRBLL Was Once Again LIVE On the Air Last Saturday Night…It’s September 12, Where we Look Back on September 11 if Only to Say Let’s Move On…Not Forget, but Move On…Constant reliving images of what happened now Twenty Years ago only Breeds More Feelings of Resentment, Sorrow & Revenge…How Many More Trillions of Dollars & Thousands of our Brothers & Sisters do we need To Squander before we Have Satisfactory Avenged Previous Wrongs?…Stop Letting That Dog Bite You….Today We Live…Once Again, We Rocked The Night Away Under Partly Cloudy Skies & Balmy Temperatures, Ideal for just Skulking Around or Hanging w/Friends…You Missed It?…So You Say You Just Can’t make it Through the Night?…Tuned In Late?…Out Of Town?….Bad Reception or the Internet Down Where You Live?…Just Want To Hear It All Again?…Or Just Part Of It?…Here Is The Answer For All Those Questions & More…FREE Access To The Whole Show without Staying Up All Night!!!….In Fifteen Minute Increments, The Whole Show As It Happened…The Playlist for the Current Show is here: http://krock.com/the-sound-and-the-fury-playlist/ …This Current Show is Available Anytime, w/a New Show Posted Every Sunday or Monday, When We Take The Previous One Down…Enjoy!…


                                                                         …..1 AM…..

                                                                          …..2 AM…..

                                                                            …..3 AM…

                                                                            …..4 AM….

                                                                            ……5 AM…..


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Episode 53 Part 2: Food For Thought

In Part 2 of Episode 53 Griffin brings Ed Ten Eyck back in to talk food and nutrition.  They get specific with keto, caffeine, stevia, “eating the rainbow”, running nutrition, accountability and more!

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