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Episode 41a: Ben Ingber’s Story Part 1

In this two-part episode, Griffin talks to Ben Ingber!  Ben is one of many people who’ve gone under the knife to receive bariatric surgery in an effort to drop the pounds and live a healthier life.  Ben and Griffin talk about the ins and outs of the surgery,  what life is like with a weight loss goal and much more!

Episode 40: New Year, Same You

In this episode, Griffin goes solo to tell you all about how the holidays went and what plans he’s making for the new year!

Episode 39: Ronnie Brower, 600lbs To Success

In this episode Griffin sits down with CNY weight loss legend Ronnie Brower and Ronnie’s wife Andrea!  Ronnie lost over 450lbs and Andrea lost over 120lbs both using the ketogenic diet!  They talk all about Ronnie’s journey and some keys to success along the way.

Episode 38: Solo Update, Holiday Edition

In this episode Griffin gives you an update on his most recent weight loss progress.  He also talks about how Thanksgiving went, how his Ugly Sweater 5k went, whether or not he’ll make his famous Christmas cookies this year and much more!

Episode 37: Savannah 3.0

In this episode Griffin brings Savannah Jaquay back in to talk about her most recent weight loss milestone.  They also talk about getting back into running, tackling mental issues and more!

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