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Episode 45: The Amazing Nerdcrafter

In this episode Griffin talks to Amanda DiVergilio a.k.a Nerdcrafter!  Amanda and Griffin dive into some deep topics like bullying, depression, video games and how we should try to be inclusive with others.

Episode 44: Savannah and Co.

In this episode, Griffin brings Savannah Jaquay back in! Yes Savannah, the woman who’s lost over 300lbs so far following her weight loss surgery!  Savannah’s story has inspired many, including Savannah’s friend Shannon who comes along and shares her surgery story as well. 

Episode 43: Wanna Be Like Mike

In this episode, Griffin talks to a fellow runner, Mike Sternfels!  Griffin met mike while running the Earth Day 5k in 2018 and soon he’ll be running the Earth Day HALF MARATHON with him!  Mike and Griffin talk all about their running experiences, doing keto and running, what got them into running in the first place and more!

Episode 42: Jenny P: Motivation Personified

In this episode Griffin once again talks to the incomparable and amazing Jennifer Pearson!  Jenny P and Griffin play catch-up, discussing what’s been going on in her life since she came in over a year ago.   They talk about her Zumba classes, her upcoming Personal Training certification, how she ran a full Marathon and more!  PLUS, you’ll hear Griffin get a bit emotional as he talks about how things have been going for him lately.

Episode 41B: Ben Ingber’s Story, Part 2

Here’s the second half of Griffin’s conversation with Ben Inger!  In this half, Ben and Griffin go into talks about getting into the gym, running 5k’s, Ben’s life as an EMT, setting goals and more!

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