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Episode 50: Solo Update

In this episode, Griffin goes solo and gives you an update as to where he’s been for the last two months!  He dives into the topics of running, finding guests, keeping things moving, and his new nutrition plan through Ed Ten Eyck of Ultimate Health and Performance!

Episode 49: Ulf the Ironman

In this episode Griffin talks to long-time friend and former coworker Ulf Oesterle!  Ulf used to host iRock on KROCK.  Currently, Ulf is a professor at Syracuse University in the Newhouse School, he owns his own record label, AUX Records, and he’s also an Ironman athlete!  Ulf and Griffin talk all about the triathlon world, Ulf’s work with Ultimate Health and Performance and Syracuse Bicycle,  getting/wanting sponsorships, conquering demons, overcoming fears and more!

Episode 48: Solo Update

In this episode, Griffin goes solo to give you an update!  He goes in depth with his current weight, coming off keto, his half marathon run, dealing with recurring depression, the loss of his aunt, and trying to keep a positive mental attitude.

Episode 47: Salzone’s Story

In this episode, Griffin brings in good friend and radio colleague Joe Salzone!  Joe and Griffin discuss their struggles with mental health and Joe goes through how he’s come to see the light at the end of that tunnel. 

Episode 46: Wanna Be Like Mike: Part 2

In this episode, Griffin brings Mike Sternfels back in!  Mike goes deeper into the story of how he gained weight following eye surgery, then how he used the YMCA in Baldwinsville to help him lose HUNDREDS of pounds!

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