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August 6, 2020

Nothing like a good night's sleep in the cold. At least we aren't sleeping in our cars like one ShowBro. Dude burns down an apartment during his proposal. Mistakes we make on booze. Rosa calls in to discuss buttholes to the sun. Designer va ...


August 5, 2020

Camping sucks, but renting an RV is an idea. Cody's sports are back & he's so boned up over Vegas. Lock 1 has some new booze. Josh hates Velveeta. Leigh Baldwin talks money & much more on today's show! ...


August 4, 2020

Hurricane Josh definitly runs through today's show. NHL continues to succeed in their bubble. Tuesdee Topic asks what song you know every word to. Josh calls his mom to settle the score about a keychain & so much more on today's show! ...


August 3, 2020

If a promotion went flawlessly, it wouldn't be a Show promotion. The guys are begging you to take their Dunkin cards. Cody & Hambone watch the worst PPV ever. All our schools have announced their reopening plans. What do we think? The w ...


July 30, 2020

The fellas wanna head up north for Salmon fishing. Some daily COVID talk. Cody lost his keys. Rosa wants to get in the school bus conversion game. Aliens, guys. It's real. ...


July 29, 2020

Josh is ready to star in his own action movie & he will even write the script for it. Did you know Panera sells 1/2 gallon jugs?! It's bear season again in Central New York. A doctor has some thoughts on COVID as well as demon sex. Plus ...

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The Sound & The Fury As It Happened, August 9, 2020

…JRRBLL’s Corner is now The Sound & The Fury As It Happened…The Whole Show without Staying Up All Night!!!….So You Say You Just Can’t make it Through the Night?….Tuned In Late?…Out Of Town?….Bad Reception or the Internet Down Where You Live?…Just Want To Hear It All Again?…Here Is The Answer For All Those Problems & More…In Fifteen Minute Increments, The Whole Show As It Happened…The Playlist for the Current Show is here: http://krock.com/the-sound-and-the-fury-playlist/ …This Current Show is Available Anytime, w/a New Show Posted Every Sunday, When We Take The Previous One Down…Enjoy!…


                             …..1 AM…

                             …..2 AM……


                              …..4 AM….

                              ……5 AM…..



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Episode 53 Part 2: Food For Thought

In Part 2 of Episode 53 Griffin brings Ed Ten Eyck back in to talk food and nutrition.  They get specific with keto, caffeine, stevia, “eating the rainbow”, running nutrition, accountability and more!

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