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March 4, 2021

Weather is all over the place, and Josh just wants to rake up dog poop. Shaq does a damn good job on AEW. A strange woman is trying to give a calendar to... Ted & Amy? Plus, the guys celebrate 3 liter bottles. G-Mac talks post season &a ...


March 3, 2021

There's a new wrestling series coming to A&E. Josh has made some terrible mistakes playing NBA 2K21, but putting on the headset was the biggest one. Alec Baldwin is having kids faster than a body can make them. Plus, finding things in t ...


March 2, 2021

At this point it might be quicker to just find people who haven't been abused by Cuomo. Reese's has some new treats. A history of Josh's drunken pass outs. A friggin cat got in the cockpit of a plane. Plus, Etan Thomas is on the line talkin ...


March 1, 2021

Josh got his Bill Gates microchip yesterday. Franks tendies are back. Why can't SU have any fans in there yet? Are Bigfeet just living in caves? Plus Brent Axe & lots more on today's show! ...


February 26, 2021

Happy Friday! Has Josh cracked the Cheeseburger Sub code? Lady Gaga's dog walker got jumped. We talk with Purpose Farm and how we can help them rebuild & much more on a Friday show! ...


February 25, 2021

Old folks keep getting scammed for money. Is there a UFO spotting or a stray missiles? Cody is looking for a new sitcom. E.L. Fudge cookies are sleepers. What are we gonna do with all these dead bodies? Rosa calls in. We talk to G-Mac & ...

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The Sound & The Fury As It Happened, February 28, 2021

…Last Saturday Night, The Sound & The Fury w/JRRBLL Was LIVE On the Air, When we Closed Out February with a Bang!…You Missed It?…So You Say You Just Can’t make it Through the Night?…Here’s The Whole Show without Staying Up All Night!!!….Tuned In Late?…Out Of Town?….Bad Reception or the Internet Down Where You Live?…Just Want To Hear It All Again?…Or Just Part Of It?…Here Is The Answer For All Those Questions & More…In Fifteen Minute Increments, The Whole Show As It Happened…The Playlist for the Current Show is here: http://krock.com/the-sound-and-the-fury-playlist/ …This Current Show is Available Anytime, w/a New Show Posted Every Sunday or Monday, When We Take The Previous One Down…Enjoy!…


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Episode 53 Part 2: Food For Thought

In Part 2 of Episode 53 Griffin brings Ed Ten Eyck back in to talk food and nutrition.  They get specific with keto, caffeine, stevia, “eating the rainbow”, running nutrition, accountability and more!

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