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Episode 15: A Runner’s Spirit: Matt Lamphere’s Story

In this episode Griffin talks to his friend and Fraternity brother Matt Lamphere!  On top of working and going to grad school, Matt is an avid runner.  He’s run half-marathons, 15k’s 10k’s and multiple 5k races.  Matt and Griffin talk about running risks for bigger individuals, being committed, not making judgments and more.

Episode 14: Sir, Yes Sir! Tyler’s Story

In this episode Griffin talks to Tyler Trumble!  Tyler is a 22 year military veteran who used to train soldiers.  Now he puts those skills to work as a trainer at Metro Fitness!  Tyler and Griffin talk all about Tyler’s history, as well as some fitness topics including nutrition, knowing yourself, accountability and more.

Episode 13: Rachel; Music Teacher, Motivator

In this episode Griffin talks to Rachel Kerr!  Rachel is a music teacher at Weedsport Central School who just got married and recently lost 35 pounds so she could rock that wedding dress.  Rachel is also a motivator and fitness fan who has her own website,!  Rachel and Griffin talk about maintaining motivation, meal prepping, working out at home, making excuses and more!

Episode 12: Good Eats With Gina Giannetti

In this episode Griffin talks to his college friend and licensed dietitian Gina Giannetti.  Gina and Griffin talk about a LOT of things in the nutrition field including hydration, salt intake, supplements, portion sizes, proteins, getting enough sleep and more!

Episode 11: Wonder Woman, Jennifer Pearson’s story

In this episode Griffin talks to Jennifer Pearson.  Jennifer is a walking success story for the gastric sleeve procedure, and because of her success, she’s a person who just radiates happiness and inspiration.  Griffin and Jennifer talk all about their “click” moments that made them start their journey toward healthiness.  They also talk about running, eating right, cheat meals and much more.

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