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Episode 21: Digging Myself Out

In this episode Griffin goes solo and gives you an update on his weight loss progress!  He talks about the two weight loss competitions he’s doing.  He also gives you a scale update and talks about the ups and downs in his efforts to drop the holiday weight.

Episode 20: 2018 Here We Come!

Welcome to 2018!  In the first episode of the new year, Griffin brings back the first guest he ever featured on this podcast, Savannah!!  Savannah and Griffin share their progress thus far and talk about goals for 2018, staying positive, staying honest, keeping to a bucket list and so much more!

Episode 19: Confessional; Forgive Me For I Have Slipped

In this episode, Griffin went solo and confessed that his weight loss journey had stalled a bit during the month of November.  He goes through the specific incidents that led to a slippery slope back to old habits.  However, he also reassures us that he has since become refocused and will continue this journey no matter what!

Episode 18: Jeramy Freeman

In this episode Griffin talks to world renowned body builder and entrepreneur Jeramy Freeman!  Jeramy is a man who knows the science behind health, wellness and weight loss, so if you’ve ever wondered “Is caffeine good for you?”or “I’m so stressed, why can’t I lose weight?”, be sure to listen!  Jeramy and Griffin talk about mindset, making excuses, caffeine and SO much more!

Episode 17: Progress Update – Metro 42 Wrap-Up

In this episode Griffin goes solo to give a progress update following the Metro 42 program through Metro Fitness.  Griffin goes into detail about the Metro 42 program itself.  Plus, he gives an update on how much weight he’s lost so far.

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