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Episode 26: Metro 42 Wrap Up

In this episode Griffin talks about the end of another Metro 42 program through Metro Fitness.  He goes through the fitness evaluation results and talks about his keys for a successful future.

Episode 25: Big Drop

In this episode, Griffin gives you a progress update!  He talks about the big week he had on the scale, then goes on to discuss some recipes for success and why he thinks he was able to lose so much in one week.

Episode 24: Solo Update

In this episode Griffin goes solo and gives you an update on his weight loss progress!  He gives a Metro 42 update, he talks numbers and he goes in depth with talk of stress and relationship issues.

Episode 23: Jenny P’s Journey

In this episode Griffin brings Jennifer Pearson back in to talk about her recent skin removal surgery!  After losing over 200lbs, Jenny goes under the knife to get rid of the excess skin.  Her and Griffin talk all about that and they also talk running, eating, staying active and so much more!

Episode 22: Going the Metro Mile

In this episode Griffin talks to the owner/operator of Metro Fitness, Randy Sabourin!  They talk all about Metro Fitness and all of the programs they offer.  They also talk about accountability, staying on course and making it easy on yourself when it comes to losing the weight.

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