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Episode 12: Good Eats With Gina Giannetti

In this episode Griffin talks to his college friend and licensed dietitian Gina Giannetti.  Gina and Griffin talk about a LOT of things in the nutrition field including hydration, salt intake, supplements, portion sizes, proteins, getting enough sleep and more!

Episode 11: Wonder Woman, Jennifer Pearson’s story

In this episode Griffin talks to Jennifer Pearson.  Jennifer is a walking success story for the gastric sleeve procedure, and because of her success, she’s a person who just radiates happiness and inspiration.  Griffin and Jennifer talk all about their “click” moments that made them start their journey toward healthiness.  They also talk about running, eating right, cheat meals and much more.

Episode 10: Health Coach Cathy

In this episode Griffin talks to Health Coach Cathy Fischer!  Cathy works with Metro Fitness and helps out a great deal with the Metro 42 participants.  Cathy and Griffin talk about the Metro 42 program, overall health, and how you can’t pinpoint the correct foods for EVERYONE to eat since every BODY is different.

Episode 9: Metro 42 and Tackling Issues

In this episode Griffin talks to Licensed Psychotherapist Kate Flannery.  Kate is part of the team at Metro Fitness and is an essential leader during their Metro 42 program that starts up on September 18th.  Kate and Griffin talk all about the Metro 42 program. They also discuss all sorts of mental hurdles that people need to tackle on their journey toward health and wellness.

Episode 8: We’ve Only Just Begun; Griffin Progress Update.

Griffin is almost 3 months into his weight loss journey and he feels like you deserve a progress update!  In this episode, Griffin goes solo and tells you about his current battle with the scale, his battle with eating right AND he gives you details about his first visit to a doctor in about 10 years where he learns that he MAY have diabetes.

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