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Episode 30: Sunny’s Story

In this episode Griffin talks to Sunny!  As her name suggests, she is a ray of sunshine AND she’s had incredible success with her weight loss journey!  Sunny and Griffin talk about how much weight she lost, diets like The Whole 30 and The Zone Diet, changing your relationship with food, running and more!

Episode 29: Heavy Metal Yoga

In this episode Griffin talks to Jenn Rose, from Zennergy Studios, and her husband Eric from the 16 Stone Brewpub in Holland Patent!  Jenn, Eric and Griffin talk about their upcoming Heavy Metal Yoga event and the ins and outs of yoga in general.

Episode 28: Savannah and Griffin Update

In this episode, Griffin brings Savannah Jaquay back in along with her friend and Physician’s Assistant Stacey Cook!  Savannah talks about all of the weight she’s lost since her gastric bypass surgery about one year ago and the whole crew talks all about their mental and physical journeys thus far.

Episode 27: Run Griffin Run!

In this episode, Griffin goes over some current events in his journey toward health, wellness and weight loss.  He talks about the end of the Galaxy Media weight loss competition, signing up for the Boilermaker 15K, participating in some programs through Metro Fitness and more!

Episode 26: Metro 42 Wrap Up

In this episode Griffin talks about the end of another Metro 42 program through Metro Fitness.  He goes through the fitness evaluation results and talks about his keys for a successful future.

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