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Episode 8: We’ve Only Just Begun; Griffin Progress Update.

Griffin is almost 3 months into his weight loss journey and he feels like you deserve a progress update!  In this episode, Griffin goes solo and tells you about his current battle with the scale, his battle with eating right AND he gives you details about his first visit to a doctor in about 10 years where he learns that he MAY have diabetes.

Episode 7: Bust that Gut, Matt Bustillo’s Story

In this episode Griffin talks to Matt Bustillo!  They chat about Matt’s history as a scrawny kid and how he transformed into the physique-style body builder that he is today!  Griffin asks for advice on food prep, supplements and tackling mental hurdles.  They also talk about eating healthy while raising a child and much more!

Episode 6: 315 Strong, Big Smoothie’s Story

In this episode Griffin talks to Krock’s own Big Smoothie!  They talk about how Big Smoothie competes in Strongman competitions with his group “315 Strong”.  They also talk about their past, the foods they eat, goal setting, making the commitment and staying motivated.

Episode 5: Love Thy Self. Alex’s Story

In this episode Griffin talks to his good friend Alex!  The overall theme of this episode is “body acceptance”.  Griffin and Alex talk about loving yourself and not being too hard on yourself with food choices.  They also discuss crossfit AND they go deep into a topic that may be too intense for some….sexual abuse and assault.  So, DISCLAIMER: If you’ve had similar trauma in the past, this might trigger something in you so beware!

Episode 4: Justin Mastropietro, From Beer Gut to Body Builder

In this episode Griffin talks to Justin Mastropietro. They talk about Justin’s history as a big beer drinker, they also talk about proper diet, supplements, keeping the right mindset AND Griffin reveals some of his struggles along his weight loss journey thus far.

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