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Episode 35: Solo Update

In this episode Griffin talks about his thoughts and feelings going into his new meal and workout plan through Empire Iron. He talks about his doctor’s visit, finding a therapist, and he also goes through some of the things that led him back to old habits.

Episode 34: Empire Iron

In this episode Griffin talks to Christina Watson.  Christina is a military veteran who is obsessed with fitness.  She even has her own personal training and life coaching business, EMPIRE IRON!  Chris and Griff chat all about her history, getting back on track, keto, coffee, the holidays and so much more.

Episode 33: Vacation’s Over

In this episode, Griffin lets you know where he’s been for the last 3 months.  He talks all about his experience with the Boilermaker 15k road race.  He also discusses the keto diet, his vacation to Darien Lake and his battle with depression.

Episode 32: One Year Later

In this episode Griffin gives you an update ONE YEAR after he finally started taking his health seriously.  He goes through the ups and downs of his journey thus far, gives you a weight loss update and more.

Episode 31: Paige’s Butterfly Run

In this episode Griffin talks to Mary-Kate, the Executive Director of Paige’s Butterfly Run!  They talk all about the ins and outs of the run, from it’s history, to the course layout and much more!

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