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JRRBLL’s Corner for April 15, 2018

…Just In Time for Tax Time in JRRBLL’s Corner we find the Return of Underoath, with Erase Me on Fearless…Here is On My Teeth…Enjoy!!…




JRRBLL’s Corner for April 8, 2018

…This time in JRRBLL’s Corner we find somebody New in Screaming Beast, with a New CD titled, Our New Narrative Of Hate…Look for them at if you like what we have here…Try this one titled Despair

JRRBLL’S Corner For April 1, 2018

…This time in JRRBLL’s Corner we find long time Favorites  Monster Magnet with a New CD titled Mindf**ker…Kind of like when Overkill released F**k You!,  I wanted to just ignore it, but cannot…I will now refer to this CD as Mindfocker, like those Other Fockers, just different…Here is My pick so far(Name your CD something like that & be Glad I am spinning Anything from it, let alone what You think is a Good one), this one is called, When The Hammer Comes Down …Take a Break & check it Out…You can Thank me Later…


JRRBLL’s Corner for March 25, 2018

…This Time in JRRBLL’s Corner, we once again find Old friends in Suicidal Tendencies…They call it an EP, but with Ten Tracks & Over forty~five minutes of music, I call this a LP…They say New Full CD in early September, this one is Titled Get Your Fight On!, on Suicidal Records…Here are the Two Lead off tracks, Nothing To Lose & Get United…Oh Boy!..

JRRBLL’s Corner for March 18, 2018

…This time in JRRBLL’s Corner we find a New CD from Judas Priest titled FirepowerRob Halford is in Fine voice with 14 new tracks, some a bit like the Painkiller days…Because we skipped a couple of weeks, here’s a couple New tracks…Lightning Strikes & Specter…Oh Boy!

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